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Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is considered as diagnosing and treating local disorders of the autonomic nervous system. In German and Spanish speaking countries it is known as part of conventional medicine, even as it is almost unknown among English speakers.

The main part of neural therapy is the idea of the "interference field". An interference field is a focus of electrophysiological uncertainty somewhere in the body that weakens or blocks autonomic nervous system function - locally or systemically, which has been seen in scars, teeth, nerve root, internal organs, autonomic ganglia. It can be detected in any place where there is (or has been) an injury or irritation. Somatic dysfunction is a type of interference field and can be treated effectively by neural therapy as by manipulation.

The most common neural therapy treatment of this condition is injections of dilute procaine into the interference field, which act as a membrane stabilizer in a similar way to lidocaine in treating ventricular arrhythmias. 

All medical conditions that have an autonomic nervous system factor can be the result of interference field such as Migraine, facial pain, asthma, menstrual problems, and irritated bladder. 

In the nervous system currents always flow from areas of higher voltage to areas of lower voltage and seem to send confusing signals to the body's nervous system. Areas that are affected by Interference fields have lower electrical capacities than neighboring tissues, therefore, body sometimes reacts in inappropriate ways, resulting in chronic pain and/or illness. Interference fields can be found almost anywhere in the body. Often, they are far from the part of the body where you feel symptoms.

For example, an old appendix scar might cause migraine headache, or a wisdom tooth extraction scar might cause chronic low-back pain. Because these relationships are totally random, doctors need to search for interference fields everywhere in the body. Interference fields are very common and the conditions that they cause are mostly untreated in mainstream medicine except by drugs, merely suppressing symptoms. 

Treating local disturbances of autonomic nervous system function by neural therapy or osteopathic manipulation work similar to traditional injection of procaine and other substances and is explained by Dr. Kidd how underlying pain and illness are controlled by this method.