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Dynamic Dental Wellness provides the most advanced treatment options available. We call it our Total Dentistry for Everyone commitment. We set the standard in general, family and cosmetic dentistry. We also offer you and your family sleep and airway treatments, sedation, orthodontics and orthodontic alternatives, emergency dental care, advanced laser procedures, custom smile design, baby and children's oral health, holistic services, implants, laser assisted surgery, gum recession, full mouth rejuvenation, periodontal treatments and more. All your dental needs can done in-house!

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If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your mouth is a mirror of your health. Overall health begins with good oral health.

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Dentist in Ashburn VA | Sleep Apnea Appliances, Cold Sores  amp  Canker Sores and Laser Cavity Finder

If you are looking for an exceptionally trained and caring dental team, you have come to the right place! At Dynamic Dental Wellness, you WILL receive the highest quality care. We practice Biological Dentistry which is not a separate specialty of dentistry, but a thought process and an attitude that can apply to all facets of dental practice and to health care in general: to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the goals of modern dentistry and of contemporary health care and to recognize the essential connections between oral health and overall health.

Meet Dr. Sheri

Dentist in Ashburn VA

Dr. Sheri (Shahrzad) Salartash, DDS, MAGD, NMD, IBDM, FIAOMT, FICOI, FAAIP, Board of Dental Sleep Medicine Diplomate

Dr. Sheri is a full spectrum dentist who fuses together all aspects of modern dentistry and traditional health practices in order to optimize her patient’s oral health. She incorporates features of the holistic and naturopathic community and utilizes the most advanced technology in her practice so that she provides the absolute best treatment options available anywhere. She focuses on “integrative medicine” to understand and fix parts of the mouth and jaw malfunctioning, misaligned or diseased due to factors elsewhere in the body. Her results are what some call “functional dentistry” or enhanced performance techniques that improve the whole body as a system.

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Dynamic Dental Wellness | NuCalm reg , Water Filter System and Frenectomy
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Great place. I go there because the doctor knows way more than any other dentist I've been to. She is the most thorough person. She has lots of ways of getting to your cavities and gum issues before they become worse. The most professional office around.

Timber R. - Google

Great, state of the art office! Dr. Sherry is one of the most knowledgeable, professional and compassionate dentist I know. She is very thorough and makes sure you understand everything regardless of your dental IQ. She is also empathetic with patients and aims to ease their discomfort. Professional and informative advice is given when procedures need to be done, and the staff is very helpful coming up with payment methods that work for your budget/financial situation. All in all, a friendly dental practice. Wholeheartedly recommend it!

Lizi KF. - Google

The staff is so friendly and caring about patients needs. I recently got fillings done and Dr. Sherri did a great job fixing my cavities with no pain whatsoever. The advanced laser was used and I felt no pain at all. Dr. Salartash only does GREAT work. I highly recommend!

Jasmine G. - Yelp

Dynamic Dental Wellness | NuCalm reg , Biomimetic Dentistry and Sleep Disorder Treatment For Kids

Dental Anxiety

We implement various techniques to prevent discomfort and minimize anxiety.

Dentist in Ashburn VA | Biomimetic Dentistry, Emergency Treatment and Sleep Apnea Solutions

Missing Teeth

With advanced prosthetics, we can help restore your smile and improve your speech and eating ability.

Dentist in Ashburn VA | Cold Sores  amp  Canker Sores, Nasal Breathing Program and Laser Dentistry

Tooth Pain

There are many factors that can cause toothache. An oral examination can help determine the root cause.

Dentist in Ashburn VA | Alternatives to Orthodontics, Biomimetic Dentistry and Sleep Apnea Solutions

Periodontal Disease

We offer personalized treatment options to address periodontal disease.

Dentist in Ashburn VA | Frenectomy, Low Level Laser Therapy and Cosmetic

Our Mission

We are committed to dental excellence. We will help you achieve your smile goals and optimize your oral health.

Dentist in Ashburn VA | Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral DNA Testing and Orthodontics

Unique Approach

What sets us apart? Apart from being the most advanced dental office in the area, we invest in you! Patient care is our top priority.

Dentist in Ashburn VA | Sleep Apnea Appliances, Oral DNA Testing and Green CT

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