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NuCalm Natural Relaxation

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With patient care and comfort a top priority, Dynamic Dental Wellness provides a safe environment to place your mind and body in the restoration zone during your dental visit.

NuCalm naturally relaxes the body within minutes without drugs. Using biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology, NuCalm rapidly and reliably brings brain wave function to a state of deep relaxation, allowing the body to restore and rejuvenate.

How does NuCalm Work?

NuCalm triggers the neural communication pathways the body uses to prepare for rest by first interrupting the adrenaline/ cortisol response associated with the midbrain activities of stress and then entraining brain wave function to deep relaxation.

The NuCalm Effect

NuCalm essentially “flips the switch” on stress and adrenaline dominance and rapidly transitions the body to a deeply relaxed state. The NuCalm experience suspends the body in parasympathetic nervous system dominance which is the only time the body is capable of healing.

NuCalm rapidly, safely, and predictably creates deep relaxation by mimicking patterns our brains recognize to help relax. This technology works naturally with the two channels of communication in the body — biochemical and electrical. NuCalm is comprised of four scientifically sequenced components that synergistically work on the GABAergic system to interrupt the adrenaline response and rapidly guide the brain to a deeply relaxed state. The four-step process includes: NuCalm Topical Cream Proprietary formulation of inhibitory neurotransmitters (amino acids) that interrupt the adrenaline response and prepare the brain for relaxation.

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The all-natural ingredients are hypoallergenic and regulated as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA. NuCalm Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) A sub-sensory microcurrent is used to catalyze the effectiveness of the topical cream to interrupt the body’s natural stress response. Research shows CES helps balance the brain’s neurochemistry by reestablishing optimal neurotransmitter levels. The FDA cleared this Class III medical device in 1988 for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. NuCalm Neuroacoustic Software Proprietary frequency-following response, neuroacoustic software that entrains brain wave function to Alpha and Theta frequencies (12Hz-4Hz). NuCalm Light-Blocking Eye Mask Blocks visual stimulation and maintains the relaxed state.

Massaging Dental Chair

With continued conform, our dental chairs have fully integrated ErgoSoothe massage for added measures of relaxation and ease. Our dental chairs have fully integrated ErgoSoothe massage to put our patient at ease.

Highest relaxation technology to keep you comfortable during your dental visit at Dynamic Dental Wellness.