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Joint Vibration System

Healthy joints are quiet! Noise detection is an indicator friction caused by bones/joints rubbing together thereby causing pathology, or a functional problem that may contribute to head and neck pain.

Dynamic Dental Wellness uses an advanced joint vibration analysis to indicate pathology and to determine if TMJ is functioning normally or if jaw joints need attention.

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According to ADA, 75% of Americans have some type of jaw joint disorder. Some indicators may include clicking or popping in the jaw, headaches, or aching jaw. There is a treatment, and we can help! Call us at (703) 775-0002 to schedule an appointment today.

K7x Sonography (ESG)

TMJ Vibration (Sound) Evaluation System. A lightweight headset holds highly sensitive vibration transducers over each TM joint, enabling simultaneous, bilateral capture of tissue vibrations emanating from joint sounds. Vibration (sound) data is correlated to vertical dimension of opening and closing, providing clinicians with valuable information to aid in assessing the status of articular disk and joint function.

The ESG includes the ability to document TM joint status through recording joint sound vibrations – simply and non-invasively.

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