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Extraoral Aerosal Vacuum

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Dynamic Dental Wellness provides a safe and worry-free environment with our first line of defense procedures. Our vacuums clean the operatory air when performing extractions, high speed drilling and certain other procedures including dental mercury amalgam removal where an oral aerosol vacuum system is recommended or required. The vacuum captures and filters toxic odors, vapors, and particulates away from the breathing area for a safer breathing environment.

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Listed below are a few of these contaminants that are removed with our system:

  • Mercury Vapors from Amalgam Removal
  • Bacteria & Viruses from High-Speed Drilling
  • Noxious Chemical Disinfectant Odors &VOC Gases
  • Smoke Plume during Dental Laser and Electrosurge Procedures
  • Air Abrasion and Microetching Dust
  • Prophy Powder Particular