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Digital Radiography

Rather than the traditional photographic film, Dynamic Dental Wellness uses both digital intraoral x-ray and digital extraoral 3D CT scan.

Nomad, a convenient handheld digital x-ray imaging device which provides a safe environment for both patient and staff. This technology allows the staff to remain in the room with the patient during x-ray scan.

Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays

  • Lesser Radiation– Digital X-Rays are known to use 90% less radiation then traditional X-Rays.
  • Immediate Viewing– Digital radiography allows real time viewing of your oral cavity.
  • Faster and Easier Dental Appointments– No amount of preparation or development time is needed.
  • Much higher Quality Images– The images can be increased to any size for your dentist to accurately look for issues, if any.
  • Ease of transferring Dental Records– Since in the digitized format, therefore, they can be sent to you easily.
  • No Chemicals and Environmental Friendly– with digital radiography there is no need to use any chemicals for developing the film.
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