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Digital Bite Analysis: Tek Scan

What is Occlusal Analysis and Bite Adjustment?

Occlusion is how the bite fits within the jaw. An occlusal analysis is an analysis of your bite. The dentist wants to examine the areas where the teeth contact each other. The dentist wants to examine the areas where your teeth contact each other.

An occlusal or bite adjustment is a procedure designed to realign the bite to improve how the teeth meet. With conditions like TMJ, it can relieve pressure and strain on individual teeth as well as the jaw and bone.

When is an Occlusal Analysis and Adjustment Performed?

When you bite your top and bottom teeth should come together at the same time. A malocclusion happens if some teeth touch before the others. This is considered an “imperfect” bite that can cause the serious issues over time.

You may be unaware that you have a malocclusion, but you may see some symptoms of a misaligned bite.

Symptoms of a Malocclusion or Misaligned Bite

  • TMJ temporomandibular joint issues
  • Tooth or jaw bone pain
  • Bruxism (Teeth grinding)
  • Damaged dental fixtures
  • Gum or bone recession
  • Nerve or muscle damage
  • Missing, chipped, cracked or damaged teeth
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures

T-Scan- Digital Occlusal Analysis System

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Raising the Bar in Dental Care by Reveling Occlusal Dynamics

Each dental procedure that is performed impacts occlusion or blockage or closing of a blood vessel.

T-Scan provides occlusal measurement that reveals the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the occlusal stability of the overall bite. Accurate diagnostics improves treatment outcomes.

A t-scan can also make dental procedures more effective and efficient by eliminating multiple trips for adjustment.

Digital Bite Analysis and Adjustment in Ashburn, Northern Virginia

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Tek Scan

T-Scan provides the level and timing of force on individual teeth – which is much more accurate than guessing how much force is placed on marks made by articulating paper. No longer do we have to rely on how things “feel” in your mouth because the amount of pressure produced on individual teeth can be quantified.

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