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Water Filter System

At our office, your well-being is our number one priority and we have water purification system which eliminate the biofilm in our pipes, tubing, waterlines and equipment. Thanks to our water filter system, Dynamic Dental Wellness puts your health first. Our water purification system eliminates biofilm from pipes, waterlines, dental equipment and tubing. The American Dental Association Board of Trustees and ADA Council on Scientific Affairs states that water delivered to patients during nonsurgical dental procedures contain no more than 200 cfu/ml of bacteria at any time within the unfiltered output of dental units. Dental unit water systems that are made for general dental practices should be maintained regularly to deliver high quality water. The ADA states that the dental industry should ensure manufactured dental units be equipped with a separate water reservoir that is independent of the public water supply. This allows dentists to have more control over water quality standards used in their patient care.

The CDC also recommends that dental waterlines be flushed each day to reduce microbial loads. Water filter systems should still be employed to treat the biofilm within waterlines and reliably improve quality of water so that it may meet drinking standards. This may include the use of separate water reservoirs, source water treatment systems, filters, and daily draining regimens. The strict adherence to these protocols can help us sustain healthy water for our patients and uphold the quality of our dental unit water systems. Dynamic Dental Wellness is committed to these practices and using only the most quality water filter systems to aid in our patient’s health and safety. We consult with manufacturers of all dental units before initiating waterline treatment protocols as well.