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Nutritional Assessment

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More Nutrients = Healthy Teeth and Mouth = Healthy Body

Research has shown that people who switched from their traditional diet to a more modern diet did not have the same healthy teeth as those who remained committed to how they had been eating for centuries. Consuming items such as white flour, jam, white rice, canned foods, sugar, and condensed milk caused tooth decay and crooked teeth, and those people started suffering from degenerative modern diseases. Dr. Winston A. Price's groundbreaking studies proved that the diets of these traditional people were very nutrient-dense. They contained immensely more vitamins and minerals than the American diet of his day, and that Standard American Diet has been in steep decline since the 1930’s. Traditional diets provided at least four times the water-soluble vitamins, calcium, and other minerals, and at least ten times the fat-soluble vitamins than Americans were getting at that time. It should be noted that although different societies were consuming different foods, the elements of those foods were the same.

Dentist in Ashburn VA Dentist in Ashburn VA

Here at Dynamic Dental Wellness, we want to help you and your family prevent cavities and other oral conditions. For a nutritional assessment call us at (703) 775-0002.

Supplementation to Support Healing

At Dynamic Dental Wellness, to support post procedural care and expediential healing, Dr. Sheri will provide a comprehensive list of the most nutrient fortified, bio-available (absorbable) vitamins and supplements.

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