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Hydroxyapatite For Tooth Remineralization

October 31, 2023

Hydroxyapatite (HAp for short) is a naturally occurring calcium phosphate in human bones and teeth. One thing many don’t realize, is that the toxins we put in our mouths, such as fluoride, can disrupt the oral microbiomes and cause lasting effects. Research has shown that hydroxyapatite has many dental benefits and unless you’re aware of this research, you may think fluoridated options are the only options.

Benefits of HAp

 HAp in its purest form is white, so it can give healthy and strong teeth a whiter look, it is incredibly safe due to it’s natural composition and non-toxicity, and it is an antimicrobial – meaning it fights bacteria and helps ward off infections. Not only is it safe but it is “osteoconductive” meaning that bone matter can grow onto it and can aid in the reversal of decay.  HAp can also help with sensitivity because it is helping rebuild the enamel and strengthen the dentin!

Nano vs. Micro

There are two types of HAp that are used in oral care products – both are very powerful re-mineralizing agents. Nano-Hydroxyapatite has smaller particles – smaller than the tubules that make up the dentin of your teeth! Nano-HAp has been around for longer and has much more research on it. This type of HAp is synthetic, however, there is data that debunks the theories regarding it’s safety. Actually, the particles from nano-HAp dissolve as soon as they get into the stomach (in case you accidentally swallow the toothpaste). Micro-HAp has larger particles and is derived from all-natural sources. 

Why HAp over conventional toothpaste?

Most conventional toothpastes will ruin your oral health – not to mention the use of fluoride in them. Chemicals that are used in regular toothpaste can actually cause demineralization, disrupt the body’s endocrine systems, contain artificial dyes and colors, and may contain plastics. Any ingredients that are considered an abrasive, such as charcoal, are detrimental to the teeth. 

Fluoride: Stay away!

Fluoride is the number one oral care ingredient in conventional toothpastes and mouthwashes but it is a confirmed neurotoxin and upsets magnesium – which is essential for the muscles, DNA, and brain! Most Americans suffer from a magnesium deficiency already, so replacing your fluoride toothpaste with an HAp paste makes sense, right? 


Finding the right kind of toothpaste for yourself and your family can be overwhelming. Schedule an appointment with your biologic dentist to help you determine what is right for you!

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