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Top Probiotic Health Benefits

October 23, 2023

Probiotics is an important factor when it comes to building up the health of your gut. There are many benefits that go well over to your digestive system. Probiotics are any beneficial microorganisms that are helpful to the body. Probiotics is first introduced at birth. Live bacteria are passed down to the new born babies from mothers through the birth canal. Babies that are born by cesarean section have less varied and health promoting strains. Researchers have found taking high quality probiotics during pregnancy significantly help lessen dangerous diseases and often fatal. There was a study in India giving pregnant mothers a symbiotic (mix of probiotic and prebiotic) highly effective preventing infant death from sepsis. 

Probiotics restore proper function by replenishing bacterial strains. It also provides beneficial bacteria to the gut and body. Our bodies have beneficial microorganisms throughout the entire body. Probiotics are also helpful for digestive disorder such as diarrhea. Many other research has shown that probiotics can bring relieve for infectious diarrhea. It can also be helpful for easing irritable bowel syndrome and improve symptoms like abdominal pain. 

There has been research on probiotics being good for mood and mental health. Not all mental health comes from poor gut health. Probiotics have been proven to be helpful on symptoms of mental disorder such as depression. Researchers have shown supplementing with probiotics for 8 weeks reduce depression symptoms. Other improvements with supplementation of probiotics are anxiety, obsessive compulsive, and autism spectrum. 

Probiotics also has a benefit to your immune system. Certain strains of probiotics fight bacteria that cause get infection like E. coli and Listeria. Probiotic supplementation can help reduce the severity of respiratory infections especially in children. Having healthy skin, probiotic is also a big factor. Studies have shown probiotic rich milk improved eczema in infants. Women who took probiotics during pregnancy has less chance of developing eczema. Prenatal and postnatal probiotic supplementation can also help prevent pediatric dermatitis. This shows that during developmental period probiotic is an important balance microbiome in skin. 

Consuming probiotics can be supportive to your heart. Not only can it help support your heart but as well as help reduce blood pressure. Studies show a moderate but noticeable result by consuming probiotics. After consuming probiotic for at least 8 weeks. There are also benefits with weight lost in probiotics. Just taking probiotics won’t help the weight loss, but by consuming probiotics can help weight loss. Probiotic can help you feel fuller for much longer and burn more calories. There are still researchers trying to find which probiotic is best for shedding pounds. 

Having allergies such as pollen, dust, food etc; is viewed by the immune system. Having symptoms like sneezing, hives, coughing, and sometimes life threatening. Healthy gut microbiome is related to a few allergies. Probiotic is on the list to natural allergy remedies, because it supports the immune function. The first few months to a year are important, studies have shown that infants who develop an allergy in the first year or two after birth could be considered poorer gut bacteria. Probiotic are effective in both breast milk and formula form. 

Consuming probiotic can come from many foods which is an ideal way on your daily intake. Some can be Kimchi, yogurt(organic/all natural), kombucha, coconut, miso, pickles. Sometimes it can become hard to consume probiotics through food. Other options are probiotic supplement, high quality probiotics is recommended. One important thing with probiotic supplement is absorbability because they are consumed by mouth. The most important thing is for the supplement to make it to the gut. 

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