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Ozone Therapy In Biological Dentistry

July 20, 2023

Over the past few years, dentists around the world have introduced ozone therapy as a way to disinfect and heal the teeth, bones and gums. Ozone is simply three oxygen atoms bound together and is naturally created when oxygen and UV from the sun or our immune system interacts. In the medical field, ozone is created by passing medical-grade oxygen through an electrical field (high-energy) This is done through a medical device that creates ozone at specific doses. The gas produced is over 99% oxygen and less than 1% ozone and can be used to make a non-toxic irrigant, used directly via syringe, or used in oils to enhance shelf-life. 

How Does It Work?

Infective microorganisms have no defense against ozone, and therefore die. When ozone is introduced in a living system, it creates a “transient oxidative burst”. This burst will also help with better blood flow, rapid healing and enhanced immune response. When using it to treat periodontal disease, ozone penetrates the bacterial biofilms best. 

Ozone in Dental Care

Infection control is one of the most complex problems in dentistry. The mouth is home to many different microorganisms – under certain circumstances, disease-causing microorganisms, also called pathogens, become prominent and cause infections. The communities in which the pathogenic microorganisms live is called a biofilm. Biofilm supports all kinds of infections – bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Ozone can be used to eliminate all of these and support the surrounding tissue. In cavitation procedures, ozone gas is applied in a dose-controlled manner into sites and provides a disinfectant. Ozone can also promote healing that results in new circulation.

Using ozone has proven to be very safe, however only your medical provider can determine if it is an appropriate treatment option.

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