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Diet and Exercise

September 9, 2022

Studies support that improved nutrition is linked to a better mental health. A better mental health leads for the desire and ability to exercise. Digestive distress leads to emotional distress. Therefore, it is good to have digestive restoration in order to have emotional stability. 

5 wellness tips to help you take care of your body emotionally and physically

  • Pay attention to how food makes you feel, and how your mood changes with different foods. After everything you eat, ask yourself this question: “Does this food make me feel better or worse?”.
  • Give up the Standard American Diet (SAD). The SAD includes processed foods, refined foods, and sugary drinks which are all filled with chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and food coloring. The SAD causes chronic pain and inflammation. 
  • It is hard to maintain a balanced mood without reducing the intake of sugar. Hypoglycemia can occur due to low blood glucose levels and is often associated with poor adrenal function. Hypoglycemia causes mood swings and inattention which makes it harder to maintain a consistent exercise schedule. 
  • Give up refined sugar because sugar robs your body off of important nutrients. An alternative for sweetening your food would be honey, agave, or stevia. Aspartame is also another alternative, but research shows that it can make depression worse. 
  • Find healthier alternatives for your cravings. Trauma triggers happen subconsciously which spikes up cortisol levels and increases cravings for sugar. If you’re craving a donut, try a smoothie sweetened with agave or honey. If you’re craving a sugary cereal, try a bowl of oatmeal with fruits and granola instead. 

Remember to be gentle with yourself and take things slow. Try one or two tips at a time, and allow at least two weeks of consistency for these changes to show results.

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