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Relation between Gut Health and Oral Health

March 10, 2022

Statistics showed back in 2018, that 22.4 million people went to the doctor to treat diseases of the digestive system, and those are just the people who were diagnosed and getting treatment.

Millions of others suffer in silence from a range of digestive disorders. Many of which don’t have a diagnosis. Poor diet choices, stress, anxiety, environmental toxins and lots of other things may lead to stress on the digestive system and dangerous distractions in your gut microbiome can lead to painful symptoms like gas, bloating, and cramping.

Stress alone can lead to painful digestive distress and we’re all feeling a little stress lately. Poor digestive health means poor immunity. Our mouth is the entry point to the digestive system and 

must be as healthy as possible. Bacteria and infection from the mouth leak to the rest of the body by traveling down the digestive system, entering the blood stream and lymphatic system.

There is herbal blend that relieves bloating and abdominal discomfort caused by gas in the gut, but instead of just treating the symptom, Atrantil is one of herbal blend that actually addresses the root cause of bloating by attacking the problematic gas-causing bacteria. That means long-term relief for difficult-to-treat gastrointestinal symptoms and a healthier gut microbiome. There are other supplements and herbal blends that help with our digestive system health, but the most important role in our digestive health is to watch our nutrient intake, drink lots of water, avoid soda and carbonated drinks, stop smoking and try to reduce stress and use herbal blends.


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