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Bloating and Indigestion

March 7, 2022

Every day, millions of people around the world experience feelings of bloating or indigestion. While the two disorders may have similar indications, they are different in many ways.  We want to look at possible causes of bloating and indigestion and effective natural ways to treat these health conditions.

Too much gas, feeling nauseous, swollen belly, and having a strong urge to have a bowel movement are common symptoms of bloating. Feeling like something is stuck inside your stomach. Common causes of bloating are Constipation, excessive consumption of soda or carbonated beverages, eating too fast an eating food that cause gas, Pregnancy, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal overgrowth (SIBO), gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying), and excessive sitting and not being physically active.

Possible symptoms of indigestion include heartburn, nausea, bloating, abdominal pain, burping, and loss of appetite. Bloating can be a health issue by itself, it can also be a symptom of indigestion. Indigestion may be caused by a variety of health issues such as peptic ulcer, inflammation, excessive alcohol intake, anxiety or depression, lactose intolerance, medications (antibiotics), food sensitivities.

Bloating can be controlled by decreasing consumption of alcohol and carbonated drinks. Start introducing fiber to your diet and eat slowly. Chewing gum is also can cause bloating as well. Eliminate lactose and gluten from your diet.

Indigestion can be controlled by avoiding spicy foods as they can irritate the stomach. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes. Stop smoking. Relieve stress. Studies indicate stress can alter brain-gut interactions, which could lead to a variety of gastrointestinal disorders. Eating slowly and chewing food thoroughly can help the body digest food easier and decrease the risk of indigestion. Eat smaller meals, more frequent meals. Eating large meals can tax the digestive system. If suffering from indigestion, always eat smaller, more frequent bland foods. Don’t lie down after eating. Wait 2-3 hours after eating before going to bed. There are many natural supplements that can control bloating and indigestion. 

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