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August 23, 2018

Alternatives to Orthodontics in Ashburn

Everyone wants to have straight, more attractive, healthier teeth and the standard way to accomplish that goal is with our Ashburn orthodontics. There are a variety of types nowadays when it comes to braces, but here at Dynamic Dental Wellness, our commitment to offering an array of options goes beyond braces. With Advanced Lightwire Functionals (or simply ALF), you can take advantage of advanced technology to get results when it comes to the realignment of teeth, as well as for other needs.

ALF is simple, effective, and easy to wear. Among the outcomes you can expect to get from it is correction of teeth crowding, expansion of natural mouth shape, improving both the position and function of the tongue, optimize the size of your airway and breathing through your nose, realigning your bit (occlusion), and mitigating the effects of TMJ disorder. That's a lot of positive features, and it isn't even a complete list. Our Ashburn orthodontics are certainly great choices in many instances, but that doesn't mean that they are always the right selection. With ALF, you don't wear the appliance on the outside of your teeth. Instead, it is placed on the inside of your teeth. The immediately obvious benefit is that the ALF device cannot be seen. One of the most common objections that people, and especially kids and teens, have when it comes to traditional braces is that they feel self-conscious about having something on their time. Not so with ALF. Of course, none of this would mean very much unless you could count on ALF to do the job for which it is designed. Well, it produces impressive outcomes.

Whether our Ashburn orthodontics or ALF are more appropriate for your needs and preferences is something that will be determined when you come in for a consultation. So why not schedule one with our office right now?

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