Pediatric Dentist 20147

July 31, 2018

Dental Care for Babies in 20147

Pediatric Dentist 20147

At Dynamic Dental Wellness, we treat kid’s tooth decay with safe and easy methods that ensure success. Laser option allows us treatments that don't require injection or shots. All babies and infants should receive dental and gum care once their teeth start growing in and they begin teething. Our children dentistry 20147 has a gentle and caring manner that will make your child feel safe and comfortable while they’re here.

Small children and babies are at risk for tooth decay due to sugars and bacteria that can harm teeth. Bacteria feed off the sugar and put out acids that then dissolve the tooth’s enamel, causing infection and tooth decay. Giving babies milk, juice or formula can cause tooth decay due to the sugars in the liquids coming into contact with the teeth for long periods of time. Our pediatric dentist 20147 recommends putting your child to bed with a bottle of plain water rather than any sugary juices or milk, which contains sugars. Or, if they are using a bottle, only to let them feed from it for a certain amount of time. Children should be taught to drink from a cup at about six months old, with bottle use becoming less frequent by the time they are a year old.

We also recommend our small patients come in for regular exams with our pediatric dentist 20147. Teeth cleanings are done annually. Having annual cleanings can help to ward off cavities in young patients and, as patients get older, gum disease, tooth decay and other problems that can lead to tooth loss. A regular dental cleaning helps to remove tartar, plaque and stains from teeth above and slightly below the gumline. We recommend that our patients come in for at least one to two cleanings per year..

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