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February 22, 2018

Mercury Free Dental Fillings in Ashburn

Ashburn Cosmetic Dentist

There is considerable controversy about the safety of mercury in amalgam (metal) filling material. At Dynamic Dental Wellness, your well-being is our number one priority, which is why we are pleased to offer mercury free fillings. They are both healthier and more cosmetically pleasing. It's a win/win for you. Our Ashburn cosmetic dentist will even remove existing amalgam fillings, using a method that ensures that you face no danger from the process.

In addition to the cosmetic and health benefits that you will get from mercury free dental fillings, they bond more effectively to your tooth material, which means that you get to keep more of your natural tooth structure, and our Ashburn cosmetic dentist does not have to do as much drilling. Amalgam fillings, aside from containing hazardous mercury, also contract and expand with changes in temperature, which puts your tooth at increased risk for cracking. No matter how you look at it, there are many good reasons for getting mercury free dental fillings, and for replacing any that you have right now. Our Ashburn cosmetic dentist employs a number of safety protocols when removing your old amalgam fillings. These are tested and proven methods so you can feel 100% confident that your wellness is being safeguarded to the utmost degree. Of course, your old fillings will then be replaced with new, tooth-colored fillings that contain absolutely no mercury. There is simply no reason to take unnecessary chances when it comes to your oral health, and with your health in general. Mercury presents health dangers that extend well beyond just your mouth.

These days, there is a lot of talk about reducing toxicity in the body, and that talk is with good cause. While no one can guarantee specific outcomes, it is certain that the fewer toxins you are exposed to, the better the odds are for maintaining optimal well-being. Call us right now and schedule an appointment.

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